Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You stay classy, Porter (see latest AMP achievement)

See below release that Mr. "Good Community Neighbor - as he's stated" (Porter) distributed far and wide.

For starters, I guess that exclusive, racetrack country club sales pitch is false - now that anyone and their brother (who breaks the law, of course) can use the track. And just what Dawsonville needs, convicted wreckless motorists barrelling down county roads - potentially causing accidents or worse.

Maybe they wouldn't mind if a Dawson County resident could open a porn shop in his community (in Forsyth County) and invite convicted sex offenders in for a free movie? Or maybe someone could open a gun shop and invite felons convicted of aggravated assault to pick out a pistol/ammo of their choice.

Furthermore, at a time when Georgia is trying to save our loved ones on state highways, this appears to be nothing more than a cheap PR stunt.

So, we ask Porter - given his "devote faith" - what would Jesus do? He would reward and condone criminally negligent behavior.... NOT!

Staying classy, as usual...


"Super Speeder" Law Increases Atlanta Motorsports Park Success

Super Speeder law in GA thought to increase patronage at AMP

Let's face it: there is nothing more exhilarating than hearing the roar of an engine, being pushed deep into a bucket seat as you take a turn, and "seeing" a blur as you speed down the open road.

Unfortunately, driving your car fast is illegal-especially with the new "Super Speeder" law that went into effect on Jan. 1, 2010. This law adds an additional $200 fine on drivers exceeding 85 mph on any road and 75 mph on any two lane road. Though the government's intentions for this law are to reduce the amount of people speeding on Georgia highways in order to lessen the large amount of medical emergencies and to keep traffic flows steady, there may be an unintentional effect from this law. Drivers have a need for speed, and Atlanta Motorsports Park has the perfect outlet for them.

Jeremy W. Porter, CEO, considers AMP as a place that allows speeders to safely and legally do what they want to do-DRIVE FAST! With speeding tickets increasing in price, drivers are going to look for other venues to push their vehicles to the limit. AMP offers a high-scale environment for unleashing the raw potential of sports cars without any of the pricey legal ramifications of doing so on state roads. With the new law in effect, AMP looks forward to a likely increase in customers.

In fact, AMP has decided that if you bring your super speeder ticket to the park, along with your sports car, then you can get a half day and a t-shirt! Now that's a nice perk for getting caught by the police for doing what comes naturally, huh?