Thursday, January 7, 2010

Letter to Mayor Joe Lane Cox

Recently obtained is a copy of a letter (below) that was sent to Mayor Cox and to other city and county officials regarding Jeremy Porter's latest attempt to flaunt the law.... Just another shining example of that good Christian/good neighbor crap that Porter tried to sell at the city council meetings.

Mayor Cox:

Atlanta Motorsports Park and Mr. Jeremy Porter have been for quite some time altering the 154 acres on Duck Thurmond Rd. with heavy equipment. Not seeing a displayed permit, I called the City of Dawsonville on or about 12/22/09 and was informed that AMP had not even applied for a Land Disturbance Permit! I was further told when AMP got their permit it would be posted at the entrance to the property; and yet no displayed permit as of December 28, 2009 @ 7:00 AM.

Everyone should abide by the law! Is Mr. Porter above the law? Is he getting special consideration from the city? Is the City looking the other way? Is there not an on going law suit concerning AMP? Since Sweetwater Creek looked unusually muddy after the rains during the week of Dec. 14th thru 18th and again on Dec. 25th, one might wonder if silt fences are in place. The EPD would certainly require their instillation near Sweetwater Creek in this case. These are just a few questions that concern me as a citizen of Dawson County.

The law is the law and everyone should have to abide by it; no matter whom they are or who they know!

Even though Dawson County doesn’t want to be involved; I say they should at least protect and monitor the county portion of Sweetwater Creek concerning the up stream land disturbance. I would be hopeful that Dawson County wouldn’t have allowed Land Disturbance without a Permit if a similar situation arose in the county.

I hope that my expectations of the City of Dawsonville and Dawson County are not too great.

Thank you for consideration in this matter.