Thursday, January 7, 2010

Email circulating the community about AMP

The email that's making the rounds...

Updates on the Motorsports Park legal battle

The Hamryka's lawsuit is now in the discovery phase. Attorneys for Porter, the Elliotts and the City of Dawsonvile must now prepare their cases.

While no land disturbance permit has been issued (according to a city representative), grading has begun in what appears to be a footprint of the actual track.

Google Alerts show quite a bit of recent activity promoting AMP, all fail to mention the legal battle. If you have not already, it may be to your interest to sign up for the Google Alert 'Atlanta Motorsports Park' to keep up-to-date on the info Mr. Porter is putting out while he seeks investors. To sign up for Google Alerts, go to:

News from Millville New Jersey and Trackracket

We recently received the following information from Michelle Post, founder of the nonprofit org. Trackracket, dedicated to protecting the rights of residents around the NJMSP track. Michelle informs us Trackracket has filed suit.

Read Trackracket's suit, note the empty promises of jobs and rejuvenation to the area used to sell the project. Sound familiar? (you must download the pdf file to read the legal papers)

Write up in the Atlantic City paper: 'TrackRacket sues Motorsports Park, Millville' or access the article via:

If you'll remember, NJ residents were also assured by City authorities and the developer the noise would not be disruptive to the community, however, visiting Trackracket's website, listening to the audio and viewing the decibel meter shows a different story!
Just listen to what 65-75 decibels sounds like 2.5 miles from the track.

Trackracket's main website: various videos and sound recordings are available.

Feel free to share these irritating noise links the next time someone tells you "oh, it won't be so bad". It's one thing to enjoy a day of racing when you feel like it, it's entirely another to be trapped on your own land and unable to escape that type of noise.

This park belongs in a vastly different setting where there would be much less noise and environmental impact.

Kudos to Trackracket and their community for taking a united stand!

We will keep you updated on AMP, the lawsuit and any significant news relating to Trackracket's suit.