Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WXIA-TV (NBC Atlanta) - Motorsports Park CEO offers freebies to superspeeder violators

Listed below are links to tonight's story. Kudos to Doug Richards and NBC.

Online story - http://http//

News clip (which is too funny) -

Reader comments from the online story at WXIA's Web site...

"On a different note, if I own a practice/shooting range, can I advertise free range time for people convicted of public discharge of a gun?"

"Maybe Mr. Porter will give these ya-hoos a cell phone so they can be texting while racing around his course."

"There goes the neighborhood. I know people who moved out there to get away from the very thing that will now be in their back yard. Did not enough locals ban together to stop this, or do I smell the taint of political corruption in the mix? I say, follow the money."

"...Fear not,...I'M gonna apply for a pouring licence across the street."