Monday, April 12, 2010

"Water conservation shifts into overdrive," but noise abatement plan is in reverse

Hopefully, Porter's dedication to finding the best, enviro-minded urinals around will be duplicated when it comes to building sound buffers for "his neighbors." I know top of the line hay bales are so chic and effective, but I'm sure other meaningful measures exist so he can be a "good neighbor" - which he proclaimed to all in attendance at the rezoning vote last year.

Kudos on the environmental angle, though.

Water Conservation Shifts into Overdrive at Atlanta Motorsports Park with Falcon

Source: Falcon Waterfree Technologies

Apr. 7, 2010

When guests at Atlanta Motorsports Park make a men's room 'pit stop,' they'll have a high-tech, high-performance experience with Falcon Waterfree urinals. The touch-free, waterfree urinals are one of several environmental features at the only green sustainable motorsports park in the world and are estimated to save more than 1 million gallons of water per year, enough to fill 200 tank trucks.

'We've considered the environmental footprint of every aspect of building our motorsports park, and the Falcon Waterfree urinals meet or beat every requirement for high performance and sustainability,' explains Jeremy Porter, CEO of Atlanta Motorsports Park. 'Besides enlisting the top designers for our track and buildings, we're using the best equipment and fixtures such as Falcon Waterfree urinals throughout in order to provide a remarkable and exclusive experience for our club members.'

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Least he opted for the novelty wallpaper.