Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lawsuit email that's making the rounds

So much for that "buffer" that Jeremy Porter was gonna leave for his neighbors. It's okay, we can count on the county to enforce those stipulations. (Yeah, right.) The pictures are listed on the site referenced below. I like the one at the bottom, though.... Because you can really see the buffer.

Bottom line, the undisturbed 40 ft buffer and other limitations in the zoning are great unless Porter chooses to ignore any or all of them.

AMP Lawsuit Update

Spring is here and residents located in the Duck Thurmond, Sweetwater Juno and Hwy 183 vicinity may have recently noticed the logging trucks roaring down the residential rural roads at accelerated speeds.

Bulldozers have begun plowing through the proposed race track site and very little buffer scrub, which was deemed a natural noise barrier to be left intact, has been left.

Several weeks ago, nearby residents noticed ground disturbance activity with heavy machinery prior to the issuance of the current permit which has allowed Jeremy Porter to begin stripping the land in preparation for construction...despite the lawsuit.

Even with the uncertainty surrounding this venture, big money is being spent, permits have been issued, and the land is being scraped all before the judge hears the case and issues a decision on the matter.

To view the pictures of the area being cleared, please visit and scroll to the photos. The pictures are enlargeable so you may examine them in detail. This site is not an interactive site but will supplement the e-letter updates.

Points we'd like to share with the community:
• The Hamryka's case against the plaintiffs - AMP, the City of Dawsonville, and the Elliott's, was deemed legally sound by Judge Gosselin when she denied the motion to dismiss.
• The lawsuit is progressing in the "discovery" phase and currently depositions are being taken on both sides.
• Though no court date has been set at the time of this email, the lawsuit is expected to be heard in court this summer.
• Judge Bonnie Oliver from Gainesville will assume the case. Judge Gosselin's cases were reassigned due to a change in her present duties.