Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nearby residents now facing road issues from AMP

From the recent email we received:

"The County DOT lifted their requirement to have AMP rework Duck Thurmond Rd to make it safer for the added traffic. In the rezoning meetings, Mr. Porter stated that AMP would have less daily traffic than Dairy Queen (TOTAL BS, and everyone knows it), however, AMP plans on having 199 parking places, unlimited spectators, car transports and trailers, and fuel tankers to provide gas to patrons. Local citizens should consider contacting the Dawson County DOT with their concerns regarding this apparent inaccuracy. The inevitable road improvements needed to accommodate the increased traffic load projection on (Sweetwater Juno and Duck Thurmond) roads, roads which already show wear and decline (more of that "good neighbor" promise from Porter), should be the burden of the development, not the taxpayers."

With that said, forget the county DOT. Below is contact information for Ga. DOT - maybe they can help. We'd recommend loading up their voice mails, etc. and have someone at the state agency review the road situation, which is only going to decline.

Steve Gooch, GDOT state board member, congressional district 9:
P.O. Box 600
Dahlonega, GA 30533
Phone - 706-300-6568
Fax - 706-864-1036

GDOT District One (which includes Dawson County, per GDOT's website)
Todd McDuffie, District Engineer
Phone - 770-532-5526
2505 Athens Hwy SE
Gainesville, GA 30507