Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Green and the racetrack

Just another fine pile of compost (err - article) about this race track.

Atlanta, Georgia to Unveil Eco-friendly Motorsports Park

By: Jenny Bengen on 09 30, 2009

According to this article from Environmental Leader, Atlanta is in the process of constructing a sustainable, two-mile long racetrack for car and racing aficionados. It will be called the Atlanta Motorsports Park, and it will be (an incredibly expensive) private club - $100,000 to join.

What’s attractive about this park, though, is that it will be very environmentally friendly, an idea which, in the past, has not necessarily go hand in hand with a racing track.

Check out the future park’s green attributes:
- waterless urinals
- tank-less water heaters
- using reclaimed water for all irrigation
- recycling all the garbage and oil
- high efficiency HVAC systems and lighting
- thermal resistant windows

It’s wonderful to see such an environmentally responsible project being built in an industry which is known for nasty emissions and waste products. Hopefully this is the start of a new green trend in this arena.