Friday, September 18, 2009

Word from the courthouse today...

Both parties were told to come back in two weeks. No ruling was issued today - to dismiss the suit as Developer Jeremy Porter requested. Stay tuned.

I would also like to note that in the press, Porter said that he would not countersue the Hamryka's, but of course he didn't stick to his word. Not surprising.

The lawsuit was filed some time ago. This must be part of that good neighbor mantra. Invade their neighborhood, blast them with sound from the race track and now sue 'em if they don't lay down and take it.

Nevertheless, both Dawson Co. papers were in attendance, so you can expect something (emphasis added) to appear in the next few days.

Also, around town there are grumblings that some AMP investors are not pleased, as Porter is not delivering on what was promised. Again, act surprised. Could this be a sign of things to come? Will investor's start dropping from the project? This might be something for the Dawsonville journos to investigate. What's not being delivered? Surely, the hay bales to control the sound from the track are not too capital intensive.